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Animal Sounds

Animal Sounds

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Animal Sounds is a new wonderful game for learning animal sounds and names! Fun!

Can you identify the names and sounds of animals? Do you know animals from all over the world?
Discover animal sounds from every place of the earth!

Animal Sounds

Animal Sounds is an educational game which help you to learn an incredible number of animal names and noises. This App is amazing and perfect to spend time with your friends and have fun!
Enjoy realistic sounds and high resolution photos that will make you feel close to wild animals. This game will entertain everyone everywhere as if they were at the zoo and in the nature!
With this animals sounds and pictures, we can easily entertain with easy swiping feature for easy navigation. This animal sounds app offers high definition animal images. When you swipe and change images for navigation the App produces each animal sounds respectively. The new swiping features also helps to change the animal sounds and pictures one by one.

Many animal sounds coming with more than 30 languages helps to learn the animal names in your own native language.


✓ Amazing entertainment game
✓ Wonderful new design
✓ Excellent learning
✓ Many animal pictures
✓ High quality audio sounds
✓ Very easy swiping feature for easy navigation

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