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  • Love Calculator
  • Love Calculator
  • Love Calculator
  • Love Calculator
  • Love Calculator
  • Love Calculator

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  Is your partner ideal for you? Check it with the LOVE CALCULATOR!

Are you in love?
Are you looking for the perfect partner?
Are you in search of true love?
Are they meant to be partners or just good friends?

After the Great Success of the Love Test… now it’s time for the “LOVE CALCULATOR“!

Analyze names, and optionally fingerprints of couple people. This calculator can determine the true love could exists between you and another person. The Love Calculator could analyze names, and fingerprints to discover the potential of love of the couple.

The “LOVE CALCULATOR” checks with another highly complex algorithm, if two persons are meant to be together by some options:

– Name Match (mandatory field): Name match’ll show your couple match, love match, love test with better results.

– Fingerprint Match (additional field): Could show the love percentage by scanning the fingerprints of the boy vs girl using love calculator.

Enjoy & play as Cupid and have fun! Play  & enjoy with your friends and share the results of “LOVE CALCULATOR” on Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, Email, SMS and so on!

This tool is especially nice and fun to use on a birthday, on anniversary, before the Valentine’s Day or during any celebration or party! Among friends is a very nice game!

What’re you waiting for? Play! And …. Good luck! 🙂

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