About Us

Enne Soft is a small & young dedicated team of funny thinkers, developers,about-us

and cool makers. We’ve been designing and building digital funny and cute solutions to improve our future lifestyle in a simple and smart way where is possible.

Our goal in every ideas and entertainings is to be alternative and funny throughmethodical strategy, design and engineering to create excellent products that provide an enjoyable user experience, and reach the highest level of play.
We love making complicated ideas in a simple ways. We believe in an iterative creative process, collaboration and a combined design and development process. We love our smart worklife.

Cute & crazy. #ennesoft



Ely's the girl behind Enne Soft, Founder and ideas generator.
She provides translation, interpreting, proofreading/editing and localisation services. She performs also all administrative duties.
She likes cool music and loves her dog Zoe.

Enne Soft
Enne Soft

Mobile app development team. We are passionate, creative, and have experience developing mobile products. Our very young track record as a mobile app development: 150,000+ month downloads, 300,000,000+ views, 35,000+ five-star ratings.


Nick's the man behind Enne Soft, co-founder and coder.
He's designing this domain, likes good & terrific music and loves to sit in front of his computers.
He has an unhealthy addiction to smiles.

Created in 2014 by ennesoft.