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My Location
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My Location

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The best simple app that could get Your Location in the world!

In preparation for some important geographical (& not only 😉 ) app projects this week we had this simple idea & we want to give this one for free to you… 🙂 Have fun & enjoy! 🙂

The best simple app that could get Your Location (using GPS, Wi-Fi or GSM) and allow you to share with someone  in a very smart way (using Twitter, Facebook, WhatsApp, Google+, Skype, Email, SMS and so on…).

How to use it.
“My Position” consists only of two simple functions:
1) by pressing on the map anywhere in the world detects the position of Latitude and Longitude
2) activating the GPS sensor is used to detect the current coordinates and the description of the place where you are.

This application informs you about the latitude, longitude of your current location. Soon, if internet connection is available, you’ll also get the address of your location. On enabling GPS it will give you the most accurate location.

Welcome To Our Website!

We are welcome to present the Ennesoft Website and to show you our great success and satisfactions!
We think, imagine, design, develop and publish mass market, interactive entertainment software for mobile phones, smartphones, tablets, wear app and interactive televisions. Our products are distributed in all countries across the world. Even though we’ve just started our young track record as a mobile app development team’s very good and fills us with optimism for the future!
Enne Soft is focused on Google mobile Apps but is also making rapid technological progress and will launch soon products for Google Wear and TV, Windows Phone and iOS!
We work quite simply: we love what we do, we think in a funny way and our passion is what keeps our customers coming back. Our products are used by thousands and thousands of users and people around the world, and we enjoy making them!
We love taking ideas and turning them into real apps. We are crazy, passionate, funny, creative, and have innovation developing products mobile.
Are you looking for a team that can help you building great Apps for you or your company? We could create together mobile projects from small, simple Apps to huge projects. Do you have a great App or idea and need some guidance or marketing help? We could have talked you through it!
Your ideas will make the difference. You could have the opportunity to create, explore, discover and test our innovating world. Enjoy & have nice time with us!


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