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Fart Sound Joke

Fart Sound Joke

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Have fun with the Fart Sound Joke making awesome flatulence and big farts!


This cute & very funny app is just nice to spend time with friends, joking and having fun. You can create various hilarious situations.
There are many farts high level and many super power farts! You can use it just as a joke! 😉
You can use your phone or tablet as a super machine farts for awesome flatulence fun! 🙂
Very simple to use: just push the button to get farts! There are two power levels fart.
Try to play and have fun too! Play with your friends, do some laughs with them and listening using this collection of farts. You can share the “Fart Sound Joke” on Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, Email, SMS and so on!
This game is particularly nice and fun to use with friends. It’s a very nice game!
What’re you waiting for? Turn Up the Volume! Play! And… Have fun!! 🙂

Created in 2014 by ennesoft.