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Welcome To Our Website!
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Welcome To Our Website!

We are welcome to present the Ennesoft Website and to show you our great success and satisfactions!
We think, imagine, design, develop and publish mass market, interactive entertainment software for mobile phones, smartphones, tablets, wear app and interactive televisions. Our products are distributed in all countries across the world. Even though we’ve just started our young track record as a mobile app development team’s very good and fills us with optimism for the future!
Enne Soft is focused on Google mobile Apps but is also making rapid technological progress and will launch soon products for Google Wear and TV, Windows Phone and iOS!
We work quite simply: we love what we do, we think in a funny way and our passion is what keeps our customers coming back. Our products are used by thousands and thousands of users and people around the world, and we enjoy making them!
We love taking ideas and turning them into real apps. We are crazy, passionate, funny, creative, and have innovation developing products mobile.
Are you looking for a team that can help you building great Apps for you or your company? We could create together mobile projects from small, simple Apps to huge projects. Do you have a great App or idea and need some guidance or marketing help? We could have talked you through it!
Your ideas will make the difference. You could have the opportunity to create, explore, discover and test our innovating world. Enjoy & have nice time with us!


Love Test

  • Love Test
  • Love Test
  • Love Test
  • Date Love Test
  • Love Test
  • Love Test
  • Love Test
  • Love Test

Android app on Google Play

Are you in love? R u looking for the perfect partner? Try the LOVE TEST!

Are you in love?
Are you looking for the perfect partner? Is this true love, or just a short, weak spark? Are they meant to be partners or just good friends? Are you living a love story? Would you like to find out if he or she’s really is your ideal partner? Find the right person! A special person can enrich your life like no other.
Our world’s so huge and fast like our lifes. How should you know which person is special to you? Wich people could have with you a maximum spiritual and sentimental affinity?
It’s time to listen signals of true love. It’s time to understand if your person life responds to your feelings and could be really your soul mate.

Try now the “LOVE TEST“! Analyze names, dates of birth or photos of couple people. This calculator can determine the true love could exists between you and another person. The Love Test could analyze names, numbers, images to discover the potential of love of the couple.

The “LOVE TEST“‘ checks with a highly complex algorithm, if two persons are meant to be together by some options:

– Name Match: Name match’ll show your couple match, love match, love test with better results.

– Date of Birth Match: It’s a date of birth calculator in which the couple match is found using the date of birth of men and women.

– Photo Match : Could show the love percentage by scanning the photo of the boy vs girl using love calculator.Love Test

Enjoy & play as Cupid and have fun! Play  & enjoy with your friends and share the results of “LOVE TEST” on Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, Email, SMS and so on!

This tool is especially nice and fun to use on a birthday, on anniversary, before the Valentine’s Day or during any celebration or party! Among friends is a very nice game!

What’re you waiting for? Play! And …. Good luck! 🙂

Love Cloud

Tel 118

118 – EMERGENZA SANITARIA – Accelera i tempi di chiamata con solo 1 click!


Android app on Google Play

App studiata per accelerare le Chiamate di Emergenza. BASTA UN CLICK! Sempre pronta sul tuo home screen!118
Con un semplice click effettua la chiamata al 118, nei momenti di emergenza, quando trovare rubrica e tastiera diventa estremamente difficile. I quei momenti la chiamata può salvare la vita!

Il 118 è un servizio pubblico e gratuito di pronto intervento sanitario, attivo 24 ore su 24, coordinato da una centrale operativa che gestisce tutte le chiamate per necessità urgenti e di emergenza sanitaria, inviando personale e mezzi adeguati alle specifiche situazioni di bisogno.

Alla Centrale Operativa 118 devono rivolgersi tutti i cittadini che ritengono di trovarsi in presenza di un problema, insorto improvvisamente, che necessiti di un intervento sanitario di urgenza, con eventuale trasporto presso un presidio ospedaliero.

L’attività della Centrale Operativa non è in alcun modo sostitutiva di quella svolta dai medici di Medicina Generale e/o di Guardia Medica, attività con le quali si integra su specifica richiesta di intervento da parte di detti medici.


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