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0 – The Riddle Game
Which Love
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Paint is a wonderful drawing application to free your imagination to draw all you want!

A very simple drawing app! You have full control of color, brush size and opacity! You can draw beautiful pictures and have fun! That’s all!

0 – The Riddle Game

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“0” is an app very useful to develop your logic and to maintain a good mental agility!
How to play: each screen contains a riddle that allows access to the next screen.
Each riddle is related to the number of the page and the next page.
The only thing you need to do is find the number of the next level into the current screen.
But how to do it?… The trick is figuring out how to find this way!

Simple & addictive game.

Enjoy! 🙂

Which Love

  • which love

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Who is the right person for you? Try WHICH LOVE! and find your best soul mate!

How does it work? It’s very simple!
The “WHICH LOVE” checks with an algorithm who is the best person between two people you love by some options:

– NAME Match: enter your name and the names of two people you love and Which Love will find your who is the best for you and show you the results with the two people you love

– PHOTO Match: insert your photo and one of two people who you love and Which Love will find your true love and show you the results with the two people you love

Are you in love? Try WHICH LOVE!

Enjoy & play as Cupid and have fun! Play  & enjoy with your friends and share the results of “WHICH LOVE” on Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, Email, SMS and so on!

This tool is especially nice and fun to use on a birthday, on anniversary, before the Valentine’s Day or during any celebration or party! Among friends is a very nice game!

What’re you waiting for? Play! And …. Good luck! 🙂

Note: This application’s intended solely for entertainment and has no intention to hurt the user feelings. No information is retained or stored by the software.


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My Location

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The best simple app that could get Your Location in the world!

In preparation for some important geographical (& not only 😉 ) app projects this week we had this simple idea & we want to give this one for free to you… 🙂 Have fun & enjoy! 🙂

The best simple app that could get Your Location (using GPS, Wi-Fi or GSM) and allow you to share with someone  in a very smart way (using Twitter, Facebook, WhatsApp, Google+, Skype, Email, SMS and so on…).

How to use it.
“My Position” consists only of two simple functions:
1) by pressing on the map anywhere in the world detects the position of Latitude and Longitude
2) activating the GPS sensor is used to detect the current coordinates and the description of the place where you are.

This application informs you about the latitude, longitude of your current location. Soon, if internet connection is available, you’ll also get the address of your location. On enabling GPS it will give you the most accurate location.

Created in 2014 by ennesoft.